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What our partners say

Cole Wakefield

Executive Director @ Good Shepherd Humane Society

"Petcademy engages our adopters and provides a timely response to concerns. It provides adopters an easy way to connect and saves our staff hours on the phone. Petcademy allows small organizations like mine to have their own 'behavior team' to assist adopters and communities."

April Sanford

Director of Medical Services @ Ramona Humane Society

"Partnering with Petcademy has been such a smart decision for our company, the support they give our adopters is amazing. The courses and the one-on-one correspondence with our clients is top notch as well as their partnership with us."

Fra Atyeo

Operations Manager @ Bendigo Animal Relief Centre

“Petcademy’s information is presented in a user-friendly dashboard which requires no training. We can quickly see common themes to help us improve our practices and predict issues, in turn improving our customer service and adoption success rates...An absolutely brilliant service.”

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Take one step closer to offering behavioral support to all fosters, adopters and pet parents considering surrendering their pet.

How Petcademy works

For rescues and shelters

  • SMS based behavioral support for all pet parents

    A unique phone number will be assigned to your organization. Adopters, fosters and pet parents considering surrendering their pet can text this number with their questions and receive support from one of Petcademy's behavioral consultant.

  • Online training courses for new fosters and adopters

    All pet parents receive access to Petcademy’s Adoption and Fostering Fundamentals courses. These courses provide pet parents with the resources necessary to transition their dog or cat into their home.

  • Insights into behavioral challenges experienced by pet parents

    The Petcademy dashboard gives your team actionable, real-time visibility into the behavioral challenges new adopters and fosters are facing at home with their pets enabling you to take action before a pet is returned.

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Reduce return rates by offering support to all adopters, fosters and pet parents considering surrendering their pets.

By offering Petcademy

Your organization will...

  • Reduce returns by providing accessible behavioral support to every new adopter and foster

  • Increase baseline knowledge of your adopter and foster network by offering relevant and digestible online courses

  • Improve efficiency by automating the post-adoption communication and identifying fosters and/or adopters that need help

  • Reduce intakes by providing pre-surrender support to pet parents considering surrendering their pet


  • What type of training does Petcademy practice?

    All Petcademy trainers and behavioral consultants are SFTD-CTP, CPDT-KA, FFCP, or KPA-CTP certified. We exclusively recommend fear free, positive reinforcement based training tactics.

  • How much does Petcademy cost?

    For rescues and shelters, we offer monthly and annual subscription plans. Our plans start at $99/month and vary depending on the size of the organization.

  • Can Petcademy integrate with our shelter management software?

    Yes! We currently have direct integrations with Animal Shelter Manager, Shelter Buddy, and Shelter Luv, and can explore other integrations upon request.

Meet the team

Co-Founder and CEO

Bailey Schroeder

Bailey is a passionate advocate of animal rescue. Prior to Petcademy, Bailey founded ResQwalk – the first mobile app that enabled people to earn money for animal welfare organizations across the US and Canada, just by walking. ResQwalk is now owned and operated by Best Friends Animal Society. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her partner and adopted dog Harry.

Dog Training

Annie Grossman

Annie is a dog trainer, owner and co-founder of School For The Dogs, a dog training center in New York City. Annie loves to find fun and engaging ways to help both dogs and humans approach training as an exercise in better understanding all animal behavior. She specializes in working with puppies, teaching tricks, and prepping dogs for commercial work.

Behavior Consultant

Claire Cario

With nearly 20 years of experience in the animal welfare field, Claire’s focus is to strengthen the bond between pets and their human families and highlighting the role humans have in modifying their animal’s behavior. Her specialty areas include behavior concerns such as anxiety and fear-based aggression. Claire has an M.A. in Animal Behavior & Conservation from Hunter College.